Studio of working artist Dustin Klein.


Good and original works of Artist Dustin Klein. 

Minimal Hand Painted Leather Wallet

Minimal Hand Painted Leather Wallet


This leather hide started out as a blank canvas, then Dklein proceeded to  apply markings over the couse of a few months using a paint brush, paint markers, a sharpie, a tattoo machine, an airbrush, a ball point pen, and a hole punch. What resulted was a large abstract piece ready to become another iteration of functional art in the form of creative organization.


- Made of soft supple leather that slides easily into your pocket, and feels secure in your hand.

- Original artwork by Dustin Klein

- Each piece unique

- Handmade at Klum House in Portland, OR

- Dimensions: 3" W x 4" H x .25" D

- Slim fit design to reduce bulk in your pocket

- Real leather hide

- Features two slots designed to hold credit cards, cash, and business cards

- Slim minimalist design

- Limited run: until the hide runs out

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