Studio of working artist Dustin Klein.


Good and original works of Artist Dustin Klein. 

Clasp Belts

Clasp Belts


The Clasp Leather Snap Belt was originally designed by Dustin back in 2004 and is a nod to when Dustin used to make all the Cadence goods himself. Although he isn't manufacturing wares for his lifestyle cycing brand anymore, he did make these pieces all by hand from-start-to-finish.

- Natural cow hide branded with original motion work by Dustin Klein.

- Strapped into 19 individual belts.

- Each belt has a unique design.

- 1.25" wide

- Available in 3 sizes.

- Heavy duty black oxide metal snaps.

- Only 19 Belts in this run.  

- Made in house entirely by Dustin.

- Unique snap closure for ease of use.

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