Studio of working artist Dustin Klein.

Permanent Markings

Unique style of marking with a free hand approach that results in a truly original piece.

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Short video about my process, prespective and environment.

shot and edited by: Brenton Salo

Commotion forearm permanent marking.

Commotion forearm permanent marking.

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Dklein Permark Commotion -6.jpg
Dklein Permark Commotion -5.jpg
Dklein Pulsar Rectangle.jpg
Dklein Permark Commotion -2.jpg
Dklein Pulsar Permark.JPG
Keep Dklein Permark.jpg
Going Dklein Permark.jpg
Dklein Commotion permanet marking .jpeg
Commotion in Japan-4.jpg
Dklein Permark Commotion -3.jpg
Dklein Permark Commotion -4.jpg
dklein commotion permenent marking tattoo -2.jpg
Dklein Pulsar permark 2.jpg
Commotion in Japan-5.jpg