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Everything's Been Done is the Video series of working artist Dustin Klein

Everything’s Been Done 

New York Like a New Yorker

The last week of April was a whirl wind. Traveling to New York, Mural Painting, Cadence Pop up at Deluxe Cycles, Tattoo Speakeasy, Red Hook Crit and home by Sunday...Fheeew. That was a hustle. I took you along for the ride. I appoligize, Im not the best at shooting in public. I do much better in the art haus with no one else watching. 

Rounding out the episode with a solo Morning shift. This was from March 2017. That Ritchey rigid P-29r rips on gravel and is totally at home in the mud.




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Dustin Klein: Working Artist, Lifestyle Cyclist, Maker, Cadence Collection Founder.


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