Studio of working artist Dustin Klein.
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Everything's Been Done is the Video series of Cadence Founder and working artist Dustin Klein

Everything’s Been Done 

Cutty Industrial cross course

Nothing like going out early AF to ride around in some toxic industrial terrain in the pouring rain with 3 solid dudes. Also some insights on gloves and the fender flap experience continues.

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The Hell of the North Plains

The Hell of the North. first ride of the 2018 season. While this ride was not the biggest in millage and elevation it packs a punch specifically because it is in nestled right in to the the cold dead heart of Old Man Winter.

Solid crew, great terrain couldn’t ask for much more.

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Winter "Training ride"

Prepping up for OMTM’s first Ride of the season: The Hell of the North V3. Social  Gravel “training” ride with the friends on the Titanium Stinner Frameworks Gravel bike. Plus changing tires from Compass switchback hills to Ritchey Shield 2.1” on the 650b Adventure machine: Ritchey Ascent. 


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